BREATH POWERED HAND HEATING AND A CLEAR GRIP= NO MORE COLD HANDS OR ACHING ARMS – This is not just a partial relief, it is a total solution, the only variable is how often you have to blow into this system.  

NO MORE COLD HANDS – Our wetsuit has a breath powered hand heating system. This system works because the breath tubes mostly run inside the suit which not only insulates the breaths heat but boosts it. If you fall in the bit of water that gets in the tubes blows out warm after being in there just a few seconds!

NO MORE ARM CRAMPS – A clear grip hand cover, no material between the hand and the bar, even under the fingers is clear. The arm aches are caused by your grip on the boom/bar/paddle being disturbed by glove material, especially under the fingers, making you over grip. We have re-engineered the palm-less mitten around the breath powered hand heating system to truly give a clear bare skin hand grip. The layer of material between the fingers and the bar has gone for ever. See this video of how it works.

NO MORE DAMAGE TO THE HANDS SKIN –Every time the hands blood  circulation switches off it causes damage to the capillary beds (groups of small blood vessels in the skin). That damage is permanent and increases with number of times you let the hands blood circulation switch off. This compounding damage over the years results in the skin going fragile and cracking and bleeding in response to only moderately cold temperatures plus the development of both Reynaud’s Disease and Vibration White Finger.  We no longer need to accept this process, the Ianovated tubes will keep the hands comfortable with full blood circulation avoiding damage.

We are now mounting the hand heating system onto globally renowned brand PROLIMIT’s  range of 6/4mm winter wetsuits and drysuits.

Mercury Hooded Free-X FTM. £325.    2018 Colour is in grey. 6/4mm Neolight Duotone550 + limestone neoprene, welded dry seams, front zip, Zodiac lining, ankle straps and drain holes.

2018 Nordic Drysuit £450 – 4 layer waterproof, breathable, supple and light microfiber fabric. Taped dry seams. Dry T-Zip. Neoprene dry neck and wrist seals. Latex ankle dryseals.