Prolimit Suits

We are now distributing the Prolimit range of  6/4mm winter steamers and drysuits with the Ianovated hand heating tubes mounted onto them. The tubes can be detached when not needed. See our store for details.


Features explained

Semi Waterproof Sharktooth Zipper

Semi Watertight zipper to prevent water flushing into your wetsuit. The material that the zip teeth are mounted on to is water tight so only minimal water gets in between the teeth.


Full stretch neoprene waterblock blocks what water does get through the zipper.

Quick Dry Lining

Quick dry lining makes your wetsuit dry faster.

Zodiac Lining

Inside lining with soft feel. Adds extra warmth to your wetsuit by keeping the water away from your skin.

Full Mesh

Full mesh construction. Windchill optimized.


Release water from the legs of your wetsuit.

Detachable Velcrolegstraps

Velcro legstraps which are detachable. These straps make sure that no water flushes in.

Glued Blindstitched

Triple glued panels are stitched together with a special stitching method.
Partially puncturing the neoprene to keep the water tightness of the seam/
wetsuit. Each thread is protected by a tape at the end. Our perfect finish
makes our glued and blind stitched wetsuit undestroyable!